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Agencies across the U.S. government rely on Maxar Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure capabilities to better monitor, understand and respond to global changes.

Earth Intelligence

Maxar delivers timely, comprehensive and secure commercial geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) solutions that inform critical decisions and enrich classified resources across the U.S government.

Space Infrastructure

From space exploration to remote sensing and secure communications, agencies consistently turn to Maxar for proven expertise and ingenuity in systems engineering, spacecraft design and manufacturing, assembly integration and testing.

Earth intelligence solutions

Actionable GEOINT is vital for successful missions. That's why the U.S. government trusts Maxar for the highest quality satellite imagery, geospatial expertise plus multisource data synthesis, enrichment and analytics. Maxar tools and data provide unique geospatial information and insights where and when it matters. Our agile systems and teams of experts allow us to quickly and affordably meet evolving user needs.


Gain immediate, web-based access to the highest quality commercial satellite imagery and on-demand automated analytics. Exclusively available to U.S. government personnel only.

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Most complete archive

Our 20-year, 110+ petabyte time-lapse Earth image library covers every inch of the globe.

Highest resolution

The highest commercial resolution 30 cm Earth imagery for a clearer picture and more actionable information of conditions on the ground.

Highest accuracy

Best-in-class geolocation accuracy for data and analysis you can trust.

Most spectral depth

Capabilities beyond the visible spectrum (including SWIR and VNIR bands) for insights the human eye can’t see.

Sourcing the right data

The explosion of geospatial data from a vast range of sensors can be debilitating. Maxar alleviates the burdensome step of deciphering relevancy—making multisource collection, management, discovery and access easy.

Constellation modeling and mission management

Maximize your complex array of satellite systems with constellation management solutions that optimize your view from space.

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Tactical remote ground terminals

Get real-time, in-theater access to space-based and airborne sensors—even in locations with low bandwidth and sparse communications.

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GEOINT processing, cataloging, discovery and access

Assure mission success with cutting-edge, cloud-native capabilities that efficiently catalog, discover and access your GEOINT.

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Data enrichment for critical insights

Your analysis is only as good as the data that feeds it. Maxar harnesses the latest advancements in image processing, automation and crowdsourcing to enrich and transform raw data into applicable, trustworthy GEOINT.

Sensor data enrichment

Get the most out of your data investment by overcoming raw data limitations like image resolution, accuracy and more.

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Land classification

Harness a range of land use land cover (LULC) options that meet your requirements for spatial resolution, accuracy, timeline and budget.

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Persistent change detection

Quickly and effectively focus your analysis on the areas of important change to enhance and accelerate intelligence outputs.

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Automated feature extraction and object detection

Take advantage of machine learning, computer vision and pattern analysis technologies for monitoring discrete locations and detecting objects.

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Foundational GEOINT production

Plan and execute critical missions more effectively. Maxar enhances traditional production methods by applying automation and crowdsourcing to process imagery, map features and enrich data for more complete and accurate GEOINT.

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Advanced analytics for complex missions

Traditional analysis only gets you so far these days. By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics and advanced tradecraft, Maxar tools reveal useful patterns within massive amounts of data to derive new insights.

Interactive mission planning

Create reliable scaled analytic outputs for your elevation models, topographic data and oceanographic analyses with powerful cloud computing.

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Immersive 3D geospatial data visualization

In-depth area knowledge and enhanced situational awareness without ever putting boots on the ground.

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Predictive analytics

Identify warning signs, accelerate decisions and improve response times by focusing scarce resources to areas of the greatest intelligence value.

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Advanced tradecraft and agile intelligence

Tap into the enhanced situational context provided by agile teams that address the operational tempo of today’s threat profile through data, multi-disciplinary expertise and tools.

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Space Infrastructure solutions

As a space technology pioneer, Maxar has been partnering with NASA and supporting space missions since humans first began exploring the solar system. We are focused on increasing access to space and empowering humanity's pursuit of understanding through disruptive technologies and innovative approaches.

Earth observation and monitoring

Maxar has decades of experience designing, building and operating the most sophisticated commercial Earth observation satellites. With flexible spacecraft, leading modeling software and systems integration expertise, Maxar is a trusted partner for critical missions.

NASA'S Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO)

NASA selected Maxar to install their pollution monitoring sensor, TEMPO, on our 1300-class platform. Scheduled to travel to geostationary orbit in 2022, TEMPO will provide hourly pollution reports on areas of ten square kilometers across North America.

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WorldView Legion

When our next-generation WorldView Legion constellation is in service in 2021, we’ll be able to revisit the most rapidly changing areas on Earth more than 15 times per day, tripling our 30 cm capacity and drastically increasing coverage of high-interest areas.

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On-orbit servicing and assembly

As humanity further explores the universe, the ability to robotically assemble, service and manipulate assets in space will become essential. With hundreds of successful robotic space missions performed, Maxar has been developing and deploying robotic technologies for more than three decades.


Maxar is building the spacecraft bus and robotic arms for NASA’s OSAM-1 low Earth orbit servicing mission (previously named Restore-L), which will demonstrate the ability to extend the life of a satellite through refueling and other fundamental capabilities for future NASA missions.

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NASA's Space Infrastructure Dexterous Robot (SPIDER)

Maxar and NASA are collaborating on the Space Infrastructure Dexterous Robot (SPIDER) project, which will enable spacecraft components to be robotically assembled and reconfigured on orbit for the first time.

Propulsion and transportation

Reliable, efficient propulsion is critical for space missions, especially those targeting the moon, Mars and objects further away in our solar system. Maxar offers time-tested spacecraft offerings and next-generation solar electric propulsion to ensure your payload reaches its destination.

Power and Propulsion Element

Maxar is building the power and propulsion element for NASA’s Gateway, a lunar orbiting command module that will support human missions on the surface of the moon and enable future crewed missions to Mars.

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Maxar is working with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on a mission to explore Psyche, an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter that is believed to be made of metal rather than rock or ice. The mission will use our next-generation solar electric propulsion system—the highly efficient SPT-140.

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Robotic exploration

Robotic exploration is a critical component of our space exploration efforts. Gaining a better understanding of the surface of space objects improves our understanding of our planet, the solar system and the universe—ultimately helping us prepare to send humans there in the future.

Spirit and Opportunity

Twin rovers launched in 2003, Spirit and Opportunity were designed to search for signs of past life on Mars. Built and designed to withstand the dusty and difficult terrain of Mars, Opportunity’s nimble Maxar-built robotic arm far outlasted its 90-day mission and traveled 28 miles over 14 years.


Maxar’s Sample Acquisition, Morphology Filtering and Probing of Lunar Regolith (SAMPLR) robotic arm was chosen to be the first robotic arm on the surface of the moon since the Surveyor missions more than 50 years ago. It will be used to acquire samples of lunar regolith.

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Maxar robotic arm has the mission-critical job of placing the sensitive instruments conveyed by NASA’s InSight lander onto the dusty Martian surface—a process that future landers are expected to repeat when offloading payloads onto the surface of the moon.

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Maxar and NASA

As a trusted partner in Earth intelligence and space infrastructure, Maxar leading-edge innovation delivers disruptive, cost-effective and powerful solutions that help our U.S. government customers solve their most complex problems.

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On-demand, browser-based access to GEOINT

Learn about Global-Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (Global-EGD) Program for U.S. government.

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